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Our Story

Introducing freshfruit.com – Powered by edible®

We help supercharge you and your family’s day-to-day with fresh, premium produce hand-delivered right to your door.

Say hello to premium fruit.

As grocery stores and food delivery services struggle to provide produce that's ripe, delicious, and free from the hands of multiple consumers, we've stepped in to make disappointing grocery trips and delivery experiences a thing of the past.

We make getting an abundance of nature's all-natural, ready-to-eat produce effortless. So, when you order with us, expect fresh and in-season produce hand-delivered to your door the very next day.

From harvest to delivery, we go the extra mile.

We pride ourselves on partnering with trusted suppliers who harvest our produce at its peak. Our team of fruit experts are committed to inspecting, pre-washing, boxing with care, and hand-delivering your produce for a premium experience every time.

We care about people, produce and our planet.

When you place your order, you’re not just ordering produce. You’re empowering family owned businesses, supporting efforts to minimize food waste, and contributing to ethical job creation on a global scale. Now that's a lot of good packed in a produce box.